About me

Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Christie and I'm a twenty something year old.  My Mom and Grandma taught me to sew when I was pretty young (I had one of those little kid toy machines), but I've gotten much more into it lately.  My other Grandma taught me how to crochet when she used to babysit me and that too has become a big hobby of mine in recent years.  I pretty much love anything crafty and always have multiple projects going on at once.

I am currently a full time student, which keeps me crazy busy, but, I brought knitting and crocheting supplies to school and do that to relax after a long day.  I always have a countdown for when I will be reunited with my sewing machine :) (aka summer & winter breaks) 

Hubby & I with our Beagle (tin man) for Halloween.
Here's a link to the post on our halloween costumes from 2010

Assistant #1 

This big boy comes running from across the house when he hears a camera being turned on...  if he's not entirely in the picture, usually you can spot his ear or tail as he's trying to sneak in.  He also enjoys running into the sewing room to add a touch of hair to all of my fabric and teeth marks to my patterns. 

Assistant #2

This little girl also likes to add a touch of fur to my fabric.  She's usually very shy, but not when it comes to sewing and breaking in new fabrics.

Assistant #3

Beagle provides the musical entertainment while I sew.  He enjoys serenading me throughout the day (or whenever he sees a rabbit, bird, or squirrel)

Assistant #4

This sweet girl is new to our family.  She also loves to serenade me throughout the day and is incredibly talented, sometimes it sounds like there are several dogs singing, but it is just her!