Friday, October 29, 2010

Last minute Halloween costumes part III - Thing 1 & Thing 2

Last year, my friend and I wanted to make Halloween costumes that went together. But, they had to be fast, easy to make, and inexpensive. So, we decided to be Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat.

Total cost to make 1 costume: roughly $3 ($2 for the red shirt and $1 for the pom poms, plus some change for a remnant. I already had one of the remnants, and puffy paint.)

Thing 1 shirt and wig

Here's how to make a Thing 1 or Thing 2 costume:


Red shirt (long sleeved probably would look better, we made short sleeved because that's what we found at the store, but I think wore a long red shirt underneath)
White piece of fabric 10"x10" or so
Fleece (big enough to make a hat)
Set of blue pom poms (check out a dollar store for these)
Black puffy paint

Making the shirt:1) Cut the white piece of fabric into a circle
2) Write: "Thing 1" on the circle (or Thing 2, accordingly) using the black puffy paint
3) Sew the "Thing 1" (or Thing 2) circle onto the center front of your red shirt
4) Once sewn on, puffy paint the perimeter of the circle

Making the Wig:

Thing 1 and Thing 2 wig
1) Cut 2 half circles of fleece, so the stretch of the fabric is in the direction of the diameter of the circle. These should be big enough to be worn as a hat, once sewn together. BUT DON'T SEW THEM YET!2) Dissect the pom poms.
3) Divide the streamers from 1 pom pom into 4 or 5 sections
4) Take 1 section of the divided pom pom, and lay the streamers out in a line across 1 piece of your cut fleece. Start at the bottom of the fleece and work up to the curved top.
5) Sew a line across the streamers, connecting them to the fleece.
6) Take another section of streamers and sew them in a line about an inch or 2 above the first line.
7) Repeat steps 4-6 with the remaining streamers from the one pom pom, spacing the lines out so streamers will go to the top of the fleece. (but don't sew up into the seam allowance)
8) Repeat steps 3-7 with the other pom pom and other piece of fleece
9) With the streamers facing INSIDE, line up your 2 fleece pieces, and sew the rounded parts together, leaving the diameter open. TAKE CARE to avoid sewing streamers in your seam, so they will lay nicely when you open out the hat.
10) Turn the hat/wig right side out

Thing 1 and Thing 2 wig inside out

Finally, I just wore some red sweat pants to complete the look, which I already had.

Thing 1 costume

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