Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crocheted dish cloth

This dishcloth was quick and easy to make.  I just chained 30 or so, then the rest is rows of half double crochet.
Quick & Easy Crocheted dish cloth!

I am so excited for the weekend, and am so tired from classes.  This past Monday morning, while walking to my first lab, I was excited that it was Friday.... yeah, it was destined to be a long week! 
I found some sea glass at the beach a couple weeks ago, and am so excited to make something out of it this summer!  I LOVE sea glass :)  Unfortunately I didn't bring any jewelry making supplies here, so knitting and crocheting will have to do for now.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Crocheted slippers: Complete!

I am SO happy to have knitting and crocheting supplies with me at school.  I've been going through my yarn quicker than I thought I would though.  I'm not sure if/where you can get things like yarn here, so fortunately one of my classmates is in the States this weekend & she's bringing me back some!  Classwork will be getting crazier with each passing day, so who knows if my craft time will continue... but hopefully!  It's how I unwind :)
Crocheted ballet style slippers
Here are my completed crocheted slippers!  They are pretty nice to wear during lectures in our cold classrooms :)  I told hubby I made myself some slippers, his response?  "Are you making me some next?"  How cute :)  I had no idea he'd want a pair.  Obviously his won't be Mary Jane or ballet slipper style, I'll have to find a more manly pattern.
Update: Check out hubby's crocheted slippers!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crocheted slippers!

My 1st week of the semester is almost to an end, and I luckily had some time to crochet!  The classroom we're in this term is super cold, but since it's really hot outside, I always wear flip flops.  So, I crocheted some slippers to wear during lecture :)  It took me two evenings worth of study breaks to make them.  I'll post pictures of the final products soon, but here is the base of it!
Crocheted slippers in progress
I wore the slippers in class today, and they helped a little bit.  I'm currently working on knitting some fingerless glove type things, so hopefully I can add that to my classroom attire soon!  (maybe a hat and scarf too haha, we'll see)
Tomorrow, I may bring my fleece blanket.

Monday, January 20, 2014

back at school

I'm back at school & things are already in full gear... and today was only the first day!  I miss my sewing machine and craft cupboard like crazy, but luckily had some room in my bags to bring some knitting and crocheting back with me.  We'll see if I have any time to do that or not.
Over winter break I got a lot of crafting time in, so that was great.  I knitted a hat with cables, and crocheted a hat too.  Knitted several mug cozies, and sewed some little outfits (like these pajamas and these pajamas, and these boots, and others I have yet to post!)
I still have tons of projects to blog about that I've finished in the past, so I may post every now and then :)  Either way, I plan on posting more in the summer!

Friday, January 10, 2014

my poor tree skirt

Awhile back, I made this Tree skirt.  Well our dogs have always left it alone, until this year... I was steam cleaning the floor and removed the tree skirt from our tree (yes, the carpet was that bad so I didn't wait until the tree was taken down to clean it).  I set the folded tree skirt in a basket in our living room... and later found out someone bit a couple chunks out of it :(
I just stitched it back up and packed it away for the season, but now, instead of a nice smooth border to the tree skirt, a section in the back is now "scalloped".  Now the debate... to make a new tree skirt for next year? or not... tough call.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Baby boots! (or slippers)

I had so much fun making these little boots for my sweet little niece :)
Trendy boots for babies and toddlers!
Since I don't know much about baby and toddler sizing, I traced my nieces foot before making these.  Then, I found an image of a toddler sized shoe sole and printed it so it was slightly longer than her foot measurements (heel to toe) to allow for seam allowances and some growth.  I looked at patterns for the toe portion of the boot and changed them up so they would work together with the sole.  Then, I used paper to draw out the rest of the pattern.  It took a bit of tweaking before the pieces worked together :)
The buttons are decoration.  I sewed in Velcro closures, so the boots open up all the way down to the sole.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas pajamas pt 2

More Christmas pajamas for the special little ones in our lives!
I made this outfit for my little niece.  To make the candy cane on the shirt, I used red rick rack (the same as on the pants) and twisted sparkly white/clear ribbon around it.  I then pinned the ribbons onto the shirt in the shape of a candy cane, and stitched down the center of the ribbons to connect it to the shirt.
Candy cane pajama top and bottoms
This is the outfit I made for our handsome little Godson.  To make the onesie I appliqued logos that I cut from the same fabric as the pants.

Appliqued Packer bodysuit and pajama pants
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas pajamas pt 1

I made pajamas for Hubby's niece and nephew for Christmas.  Hubby picked out the materials and ribbon, and was a great sport on our multiple trips to the craft store :)
I bought a plain white top and appliqued three owls from the pajama pant fabric onto it.
Appliqued owl top
I can't remember off hand which pattern I used for the baby/toddler pajamas I made this year, but will look it up and write a review in the future.  I used this pattern for 3 of the 4 pajamas I made this year... but likely won't use it again, at least not without changes.

Owl fabric toddler pajamas
I liked the pattern I used for the boys pajama pants, but, of course, my dog literally ate my pattern.  Thankfully it was after my pieces were cut!  I'll look up the information and post a pattern review for it in the future too.

Penguin fabric boys pajama pants
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Winter break!

Winter break is FLYING by!  I've been crafting (and organizing!) a lot, but since most of the things I was making were gifts, I had to wait until after the holidays to blog about them.   I'm still way behind on posting from last winter too... school has been keeping me busy, to say the least. 
I didn't bring anything crafty to school with me last term, but won't make that mistake again.  It gets pretty sad when I have a countdown going... not for the end of classes... but for how many days until I can sew (or craft) again!  (I am even considering bringing a small travel machine with me... but will likely limit myself to knitting supplies, due to luggage & time limitations)
I did a lot of sewing and cooking this year for holiday gifts :)  We used our dehydrator to made fruit rolls, dehydrated apples & bananas.  The spiced nuts we made using a new recipe I found on-line.  I have to say, I was hoping they'd turn out better (sorry, family!) next time I'll have to do a trial batch before giving them as gifts.
Hubby helped pick out fabrics, and I made Christmas pajamas for our nieces, nephew, and Godson.  I'll add pictures in another post :)