Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY canvas wall art

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After painting tons of walls and shuffling decor in our house lately, it was time for some new wall art.  I didn't want anything fancy and didn't want to spend much.  So, hubby hesitantly went along with my idea to paint something for the wall.

I was totally into the idea of a bold color with a silhouette of something, and since we were in the middle of taking SCUBA classes at the time I had sharks on my mind.  Here's what came of my super inexpensive DIY canvas art project.

To be honest, I loved the look when I finished painting it... but after its been on the wall for awhile I'm thinking about painting something else :)  Decisions, decisions, lol.

Here's how I transferred my design onto the canvas:

1) Paint the background color on the canvas (on all 3)

 2)  Draw your image on paper (Since my middle canvas was placed vertical and the outer 2 were smaller, and horizontal, I taped computer paper together in that fashion)

3) Cut out your design and determine which parts of it will be on each canvas

4) Trace it on the canvas (I used a pencil) and paint the inside of the image black (take care to make sure that the image lines up from canvas to canvas)

After hanging this on the wall the image didn't line up just right between pieces.  Instead of pounding more nails in the wall, I just got out the black paint and made some adjustments :)

I actually enlarged the drawing I made when transferring it to the canvas, so it looks a little different than the original paper cutout.

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