Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wood beaded shirt

You know those shirts with the large wooden beads on the neckline?  I thought they were pretty cute, and bought one awhile back.  BUT, of course it was a hand wash only.  With my particular shirt the only reason it needed special care was because of the beads (not the fabric).

I didn't want to hand wash that shirt, so here was my solution:

I removed the beads  (and the entire strap) from the fabric and used a hot glue gun to attach little snaps to each bead (and sewed the other side of the snaps to their associated spot on the shirt)
This way the wood beads could be removed so the shirt could be washed, and then snapped back in place when the laundering was done.
It worked well for me for quite awhile... but then I forgot the shirt was in the laundry...   Basically it went through the laundry with the beads still attached, and now I see why the shirt was hand wash only!

Well, the straps broke, and little beads were all over the washer and dryer... OOPS!
But, in the past, when I remembered to remove the string of beads ahead of time, all was well :)


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