Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Simple, inexpensive DIY key rack

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We've needed a key rack for a LONG time now.  I just wanted something very simple and plain but never found what I was looking for in the stores (at least not for a reasonable price).
After losing my keys for the 1000th time the other day, it was time to head to the hardware store!
We bought an unfinished strip of wood (it was 2" wide 36" long and 1" thick?) they had several dimensions to choose from.
DIY Key Rack in 7 steps:
1) Cut wood to desired length (ours is hanging below an 8X10 picture frame... so we made it the same width of the base of the frame)
2) Decide how many hooks you need, and mark their spacing on the wood
3) Drill holes (smaller than the screw on the hooks) where you marked your hook locations
4)  Sand the edges of the wood
5)  Stain the wood & let thoroughly dry
6) Add wall mounts (I just drilled 2 holes at an angle in the back of the wood)
7) Add hooks on front & hang on the wall!
The hardest part??  FINDING my keys... to put on the rack :)  hahaha.  Haven't lost them since though!
SIDE NOTE:  Price out the hooks when bought individually, or in a variety pack!  We saved about $6-8 by getting a variety pack of hooks (we did end up making a couple of key racks) rather than buying the hooks in smaller packs.  Now we have extra too for future projects!  

Also, we used squared off hooks rather than the classic rounded hook for a slightly different look.

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