Saturday, June 1, 2013

Craft Cupboard Organization!

I LOVE organizing.  Before I can figure out a system that works for me, I have to move things around several, lol.  Poor Hubby never knows where things are!
Here is my current organization system for craft cupboard #1 (of 2 at the moment... not counting the spare bedroom walk-in closet :) )
I store a large pot (strictly for dying fabric) on top, and sometime whatever current project I'm working on that there isn't space for inside the cupboard.
 Top shelf = Paint supplies & larger glue bottles/adhesives
 2nd shelf from top = Kids crafts (things are slightly out of order :) )
The blue box on the left is full of random things for making quiet books!

3rd shelf from top = Felt & Quiet book supplies!  (I LOVE making quiet book pages & have several duplicate pages ready to be put together in those containers)
 Bottom shelf = Scrap booking paper & books
My larger scrap booking papers are in a special carrying case that is tucked between this craft cupboard and the wall.  More of the delicate scrap booking supplies are in another cupboard.

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