Saturday, March 1, 2014

my poor pillows

So this is part of the "repair" sewing I did over winter break.  These pillows (& unfortunately our couch) have been eaten by my dogs, and repaired too many times to count anymore.
The pillows are starting to become weird shapes.  The one on the right was after "fixing" it, and the pillow on the left is a tame version of what they both looked like after my dogs ate them (this time).  Want to know one thing that made stitching these pillows & the couch cushions back together easier?  Quilting clips! (wonder clips?)  They made my life so much easier, since it was too difficult to use regular pins to hold the fabric together.  Here's to hoping I won't need to do these "repairs" when I'm home for the summer.  I won't hold my breath. (we've had a lot of schedule changes and loss of routine that the pups are less than thrilled about)

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