Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Costume - Boo from Monsters Inc!

Here is a flashback to one of my more memorable costumes from college.  Oh how I miss Halloween festivities back in the day :) (didn't make a new costume this year, so sad!  school/exams/limited luggage space got in the way... maybe next year)
Here it is.... BOO from Monsters Inc!
Monsters Inc. - Boo costume
This costume was so much fun to make.  It took a bit of trial and error, but that was half the fun!
Here's how it was made:
Head: 2 hula hoops, mop, craft foam (for teeth), 2 toy rubber balls (covered in fabric for the eyes), purple fabric
Body: Hula hoop at top (which is where the head and body connected also), craft foam (for teeth), belt used for shoulder straps (connected to hula hoop to hold costume up), purple fabric
Tentacle arms & shoe covers: white fabric with circles stamped on it (using silver puffy paint for some texture),  I cut slits in the fabric for the arm tentacles so that you could use your hands
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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