Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cut Chenille Blanket

I absolutely love cut chenille blankets!
cut chenille baby blanket - whale fabric
They are so much fun, so whenever I forget just how long they take to make (a loooooong time), I start another one haha.  After making a couple of these, I gave in and purchased an Olfa Chenille Cutter, and I must say... It is awesome. If only I'd have gotten one sooner :)
For this blanket, I chose to do a decorative stitch in the shape of circles to attach the binding.
I have stacks of fabric set aside to make a couple more of these, maybe over my winter break I'll do another one!
**Check out the fun use of my leftover fabric from this blanket as the cover of this Fabric texture book**

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  1. Love it, I want to curl up in it now with the day I'm having .. lol


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