Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Stitch Fix #3 - March 2016

My 3rd Stitch Fix came in the mail the other day!  I get so excited to see what they send that I cheat and take a peak at the checkout slip on-line to see what is coming in the mail before my box arrives!  It's still a surprise to open the box though :)

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Lots of blues, my favorite!

41Hawthorn - Lisbon Stud Detail Blouse

Super cute printed fabric.  I usually wear more fitted tops, but thought this one was pretty.  It fit well, and is different than anything else I already have. I was sooooo close to keeping it, but ultimately sent it back.

There was also stud detailing on the sleeves.

Gilli - Sebastian Maxi dress

I LOVED this dress.  It fit perfectly, felt great, and is something I'd absolutely wear.  I reallllly wanted to keep it, and debated long and hard.... but sadly returned it.  Just too pricey for me [$78].  If only everything else in the box worked out and I could have gotten the 25% off, oh well.

 Romolo - Macalla Tiered Bib Necklace

I think this is really pretty, but when I tried it on, there was just a little too much bling for my style.  I thought about keeping it, because it is a gorgeous statement necklace, but just didn't think that I'd wear it enough.

 Kut From The Kloth - Jonathan Skinny Corduroy

LOVED these!  I'm a sucker from corduroy, and teal, so add them together and bam.  Had to keep them :)  Also now have a great reason to force myself to clear out a pair of green corduroy pants that I may or may not wear from back in high school....

Papermoon - Magguie Lasercut Detail Blouse

Also really liked this.  A little looser fit than I usually go for, but thought the detailing was unique and fun.  It was mis-cut a little and I was looking to exchange it, however in the end I decided to return it.

I absolutely love getting my stitch fix packages.  It's like opening a present whenever it comes in the mail!  I've already scheduled my next box to come in 3 weeks!

If you haven't tried Stitch Fix yet, please use my referral link if you sign up!

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