Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring! & updates

It's finally starting to feel like spring!  Love it.  I've had a little more time lately to enjoy the weather and think about crafting (my schedule will pick up big time again soon so I'm loving it while it lasts!).  Last weekend I caught a 50% off sale at JoAnns on fleece so I stocked up for blankets and other sewing projects for our booth. 

I'm trying to brainstorm ideas for new booth items that are fresh for spring and summer.  I have a few ideas to try but am still on the lookout for a few more things to make.

Speaking of our booth, we've been at it for almost a year!  It's gone by pretty fast.  I'm still on the wait list for a 2nd booth, which I plan to do completely different things with, but I'm guessing won't come to the top of the list for quite some time yet.  Still thinking ahead though since I'd need to make a lot of product to fill up a new booth.

I've got another Stitch Fix scheduled to come in June & will be posting about that then.  I'm also working on making an ebook of refashioned t-shirt tutorials.  I'll keep you posted when I'm finished.

Also, still working on my other blog Sunset Scribbles where I share travel stories, pictures, and tips about different destinations as well as articles etc. about places that look fun :)

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