Friday, August 6, 2010

scrap fabric

I had a pile of blue scrap fabric and lining laying around from the coat I'm working on. So, I decided to make use of some of it while taking a break from sewing. I found an old chunk of cardboard, and my trusty hot glue gun, and decided to make a picture frame.

I cut the center rectangle out of the cardboard leaving about a 1.5" boarder of cardboard for the frame.

Then, using the lining fabric, I hot glued it across the front of the frame and made sure to fold the fabric over the edges of the frame and glue it to the back for a more finished look. The glue definitely does not make the fabric lay smoothly, but that doesn't matter because it will be mostly covered on the next step.

Finally, I cut long, narrow strips of the other navy fabric, and just began bunching, folding, and gluing it down to the lining.

Sometimes I cut a transparency sheet to size and use it in place of glass to protect the picture. I also usually add a cardboard post so the frame stands up on its own.

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