Monday, May 14, 2012

FIX those old flip flops!

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How to FIX those old Flip flops!

One of my favorite pairs of flip flops broke...

Since they were so comfortable, I knew I had to fix them.

First, I cut off the old straps from both flip flops.

Now the possibilities are endless from here... I chose to sew new straps out of fabric.

I cut 3 layers of fabric for my straps: A patterned outer fabric, an inner layer of batting, and an under layer of fabric.

I sandwiched the layers and sewed them into a "wishbone" like shape (see below).  I based this roughly off of the old straps.

I used a zig-zag stitch and left the edges looking pretty raw (on purpose) but if you want a crisper look, you could easily turn the edges of fabric under or something.

(Patterned top of strap)

(Underside of strap, yup some parts of this side are extra messy looking, but you can't see them when it's done)

Repeat the process for the other flip flop

Then, put the new fabric straps on the old flip flop.  I brainstormed a few ways to do this... with items I had already sitting around.  I ended up attaching snaps that fit right inside the holes that the old straps were in, but don't slip through them.

Here's the final product!!


  1. I have needed this tutorial! I live in flip flops during the spring and summer; this is a lifesaver! Check out my blog at

  2. Neat fix! Thanks for sharing at Things I've Done Thursday this week.

  3. This is really neat, I wish I had known this earlier! Thanks so much for sharing. I found you on Thrifty101 and I'm now following; would appreciate if you could follow back. Tx


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