Thursday, May 23, 2013

Garden is in!

It's been raining here, but we still managed to build and plant the garden!
I've read the you can use newspaper as weed mats, so gave it a try.  I just lined the bottom of the garden with it and added top soil, then garden soil.  Hopefully it works!  We'll see :)  I probably should have put more layers of it down... I just used what we had.

Finished getting it ready in the dark.  The dogs had a lot of fun running through it... eek! Just what I feared.

I planted the garden this morning, and we added a little fence... hoping to keep the dogs out.  We have mostly tomatoes, jalapenos, and bell peppers planted (Hubby was thinking salsa).  It's a bit over crowded right now, but I'll hopefully be transplanting some of the plants next week.  I didn't have room to plant the seeds we picked out... still brain storming on that :)

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  1. Your garden is lovely. If the grass starts to come through, just add mulch to choke it out and hold in water. I know you will harvest a bounty. Homegrown salsa sounds great!

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
    Linda at The French Hens Nest


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