Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I'm finally back from school, after a roughly 29 hour adventure.  Today I'm catching up on housework and LOTS of laundry.  Slowly unpacking... all that fun stuff.
I can't wait to get started back at sewing, but I have a couple things to take care of first.  Such as starting a garden!  We've tried gardening before with not much luck, and it's later in the season than I would have ideally started. So, we're doing a small raised garden bed, and only starting a couple things from seed.
I'm pretty excited to get everything set up (hopefully tonight!) and hopefully my ever so helpful dogs won't find this garden to be a play zone.  We're putting up a knee high fencing around it, but they'll need some training to stay out!

If this year of gardening is a success, we'll probably add another area next year, but that's getting ahead of myself :)

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