Monday, November 9, 2015

Katniss cowl - "oops"

Last winter break I decided to have a go at making a "Katniss cowl" and was so excited!  I printed out a picture of Katniss from the movie, got a bunch of yarn, turned on the TV and came up with a plan.
Things were going well, and seasons of TV shows were watched in only a couple sittings..., and when I finally took a step back from what I was working on I realized it wasn't going to work.  Why?  Oh that annoying habit I have of weaving (knitting/crocheting/etc.) things too tightly.  Since this was a DIY, "figure it out as you go" thing, there wasn't a gauge or anything to compare to (not that I do that when there
I ended up taking out A LOT of what I had done (oh the hours of work I lost!) but was super glad I did later.  I *almost* finished the project last year but not quite.  And, since opening a craft booth have been focusing on other things.  Plus, working with wool yarn isn't so appealing when the weather is nice.  BUT, this winter break I am determined to finish it!
Here's how it was on my 1st attempt:
Katniss cowl attempt 1- front

Katniss cowl attempt 1- back
Eek!!  the back wasn't supposed to curve like that.  I tried it on & thought about trying to make it work and keep going, but knew I'd regret not taking it apart at this point.  Plus, the fit was a bit wonky at that point.

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  1. It's very nice, Christie! Don't mind the curve! Thanks for sharing! I like reading your blog. It inspires me to never give up knitting and stitching.
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