Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I'm researching sewing machines (as I have been for several months) but still can't narrow in on a particular model. The little travel one isn't really cutting it anymore, so I've put sewing on hold except when I'm at my parents house. In the mean time, I've been painting some more (though this too will be put on hold until the weather is better so I can open the doors... the house is pretty potent now).

I finally realized why my hubby-to-be is not so big into painting, when, yesterday I came home with two new cans of paint. I went to get supplies from our basement and decided to count the cans we have used (bare in mind, all since October). I held in my hand the 15th and 16th cans of paint. He can't complain too much though since I've been doing most of the painting lately while he's temporarily on a crazy over-time intense schedule at work.

We're thinking about texture painting over some funny looking wall paneling in our basement, but I've read some real mixed things on this. So, more research is to be done, but I'm pretty excited about this possibility.

paint can
This is the unmixed can of paint for the master bed room. One of the walls needed a second coat of paint and some texture added to disguise some patched holes left behind by the sellers furniture. I love the names of paint, I believe this one is called "East Coast"

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