Friday, March 26, 2010

that blue dress...

I really dislike sewing with patterns but recently decided to give them another shot. Luckily, the fabric store was having a huge sale on them, so I had no excuse but to stock up. I chose a variety of patterns ranging from dresses and skirts to home decor and stuffed animals. Slowly, I hope to work my way through them and become better at construction and design of patterns so I can have better results when I am too stubborn to use them again in the future.

When I bought all of my patterns, unfortunately I did not have such luck finding nice material. So, I had 2 yards of this navy fabric laying around, and this was the only pattern I could use with it. It's McCalls pattern M6031.

I had high hopes for this one... thinking it'd be simple yet cute. First of all, my pattern was way too large. (I knew this going into it, whenever I'm right between sizes on the pattern, I err for the larger one knowing it's easier to take in a seam than to magically add fabric) Of course I had good intentions to cut the pattern smaller, but when the time came to do so, I completely forgot.

McCalls pattern M6031 blue dress
Overall, this pattern was helpful and very easy to follow. The bodice is lined and it only took a few hours to make. However, the chances of me wearing this dress are pretty slim... it may be taken apart and made into something else. But, for now, it will probably join the dark hole in the back of my closet near all of the other "home sewn" goods that also needs a little re-working or final touch ups. Some day, I will conquer that closet!

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