Sunday, April 11, 2010

on going project

During the last week of December 2009, I started crocheting an afghan. This wasn't the first one I've worked on, but it is the first one that turned into more than a scarf! After a couple of weeks of pretty intense crocheting, I can finally say I've made an afghan.

Soon after, (end of Jan.- beginning of Feb.?) my friend showed some interest in learning to crochet. We usually work on crafty projects together, so we went to the store and came back with a bunch of yarn and started making afghans together. Every week (in the beginning) we'd get together to watch a few of "our TV shows" and crochet. We're both students, and have had other things come up so our crochet times together have been becoming more sparse, but we're both trucking away on them. Our original thoughts were that we'd finish them by May or June... we'll see about that. Both of our blankets are MUCH larger than we originally thought. (I tore mine out and re-started four too many times in the beginning)

My friends pattern is all double crocheted. Her yarn is variegated, so it's turning out very cool! This time around, I used this pattern except: I'm using a 'G' hook, and basically tripled the pattern (I probably only should have doubled it). So, right now, the blanket is 80" long, or wide, we'll see which way it turns out in the end. I'm using the Red Heart Super Saver maroon colored "fleck" yarn. I think I'm on my 8th or 9th skein right now? I keep losing track, but will count again when it's done. I'll have to try to take better pictures, but here it is folded up right now!red redheart crocheted blanket in progress

The picture shown on the pattern is MUCH easier to see. That is pretty close to what mine looks like too, even a similar color.

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