Sunday, April 4, 2010

a work in progress

dress in progress This dress-to-be has been on my Mom's dress form for about a month. I kind of forgot about it, until now. (I had to "clean up" her sewing room so it could be used for its original purpose -a guest bedroom- therefore the dress form was in a storage area for awhile... until yesterday)

It is possible this "dress" will be made into something else (shirt?) since I might run out of fabric.

Usually, I buy fabric when it's on sale without knowing what it will be used for, so, I have to guesstimate how much I will need for my "future project". In this case, I had 2 yards of the silver/grey fabric in my closet to work with. I hope there will be enough to finish the dress, but we'll see... the back is just pinned together, I keep re pinning to see if there is a way that will work. That random chunk of fabric on top of the bodice is just pinned on too.

dress bodice closeup
Whenever I would "doodle" in my notes or something, I always filled the pages with this geometric design, so I decided to give it a try on the fabric. It was pretty time consuming, even though it's just on a band.

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