Wednesday, April 7, 2010

that short striped skirt...

I had to put the silver/grey dress on hold again, until I can get to the store. I think I'll probably have to put an invisible zipper in, and don't have one on hand in the right size/color.

striped fabric In the mean time, I've been wanting to make a little skirt out of this striped fabric that has been sitting around. I think there was a total of two yards of it, but I just cut a long rectangle (30" long x 45" wide) to start this skirt, so a lot is left over.

I'm thinking about making a tube top, or halter out of some of the extra fabric so it can be paired with the skirt to look like a dress, or the two pieces can be mixed and matched with other items. We'll see about this though.

short striped skirt I cut a 4x30" strip of fabric and sewed it to a piece of interfacing (2x30") then added the skirt portion of fabric to the waist band. The skirt is slightly gathered, and since the waistband is fitted, I left one side open so it can be tied closed with a ribbon. I was originally thinking of using buttons on the side to close the waist band, but just went with what I had on hand. (which happened to be some ribbon my hubby-to-be and I are using to make wedding favors.... shhhh... I didn't use too much of it :) I don't think it will be missed!)

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