Monday, January 3, 2011

How to make a doggie waste bag holder

I've been looking into getting a "doggie waste bag dispenser" for quite awhile, and am too cheap to buy one at the store. (yes, I know, they're only a few bucks) But, they would be really convenient rather than refilling pockets with bags each time we take beagle for a walk.

Instead of getting the real deal, I made a little pouch to loop onto beagles leash. (this can be filled with the plastic bag rolls that fit into the other dispensers or other bags depending on your preference)

How to make a doggie waste bag holder:
(Check out another style of pouch that can be used for a waste bag holder too)

1) Cut some scrap fabric into one long rectangle. Mine was roughly 7.5" wide by 5" tall (when accounting for seam allowances)

2) Fold the fabric in half (halving width to about 3.75"), right sides together

3) Sew the side edge together (that was just formed from folding in step 2)

4) Sew the bottom of the bag together

5) Fray check the top perimeter of fabric (that has not been sewn yet)

6) Fold the top of the baggie down slightly to make a casing and stitch in place (leaving an opening to string ribbon through)

7) String ribbon through casing and tie ends together

8) Flip bag right side out, fill with plastic bags, and loop onto doggie leash

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