Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year, New machines, New goals!

Happy New Year everyone! I am happily saying goodbye to 2010, here's hoping for a better year ahead.

In 2011 I hope to:
* Use patterns more often
* Stock up on my pattern collection
* Make at least one more coat or jacket
* Attempt to make pants or shorts (store bought rarely fit right)
* Post more often on my blog, maybe a post a day? (which it has been lately anyways) We'll see about that... if I get into school or depending on my future job, this may not happen.

I'm so excited for the new year and sewing, as I have new sewing and embroidery machines on their way! (graduation gifts from my recent grad, and 2 years ago) It took me quite awhile to finally pick out the machines, but I think it was well worth the wait.

My Mom is pretty excited too. She let me borrow her sewing machine for the last few months, so she'll finally be getting it back! (thanks Mom :) )

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