Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Recovering lawn chairs (Part 1)

A year or two ago, Hubby's parents gave him two lawn chairs they didn't want anymore...

We recently purchased a new patio set (table and chairs) so I was hoping all of our old lawn furniture (some from my parents too) would be thrifted now that we had a matching set (and the old chairs were hard to store). Unfortunately, Hubby felt differently and wanted to keep the ones from his parents.

Since the chairs were full of grime and holes, I agreed to keep them if they could be recovered. Hubby liked that idea.

Before taking the lawn chairs apart, I made a pattern and marked key locations of the chair. Usually I just use the old fabric as the pattern, but it seemed easier to use the paper in this case.

Yuck. Hubby told me he'd clean the chairs up way back when... that did not happen. I'm pretty sure this is even after I sprayed them down with a hose.

The picture below is after I took off a metal support bar from the back of the seat, and the base of the lawn chair.

The chair was ridiculously hard to take apart. So, of course I got my finger pinched by who knows what (nasty!) and was gushing blood everywhere.

I'll leave part one of this post at that... more to come later.

Skip ahead to see how the pattern was made (and tweaked) and the completed chairs!

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