Thursday, April 5, 2012

spare bedroom etc.

Well, we're back from vacation and things have been quite busy.  I didn't get to see if the pom pom luggage id tag I made helped to identify my bag or not... since none of our bags made the connecting flight to our final destination, lol.  Luckily we only had 1 day without them :) 

Anyways, do you remember that spare bedroom that I textured with tissue paper?  And how... (for several months) it was a never ending project to remove it from the walls?  Well, it's DONE!!  At least removing everything.  

We have 1 layer of primer on the wall and added the original "orange peel" texture back to the wall in areas that didn't fare so well in the removal process.

All that's left is 1 more layer of primer and a coat (or 2) of paint!  Whew, that will be nice to finally be done.  Of course, we still have another room to paint, but that will be a breeze :)

I'll be back to sewing/crafting soon!

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