Sunday, March 20, 2011

cloth diapers (and no, I'm NOT expecting)

I'm not expecting (that's likely a few years out yet), but I've always thought cloth diapers were pretty cool. Not only are there massive environmental benefits, but there are a lot of perks for the baby & parents using them too (less diaper rash, possibly younger age for potty training, oh and much cheaper overall)

So, in my curiosity, I bought some cute fabric, and decided to make a cloth diaper. (hubby was a little weirded out... I am surprised I'm admitting to doing this haha, but yeah)

I found this website which had a free all in one (aio) cloth diaper pattern and lots of pictures. It's a very quick and easy sew.

This is my first attempt:


The way the diaper is now, it would usually need a diaper cover since it is made out of flannel. It also needs closures of some sort... so, instead of going with the safety pin or Velcro route... I ordered a plastic snap pliers set and later added snaps to it. I'll post pictures later on about the snap set.

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