Sunday, April 17, 2011

Also in the line up: Mens robe

Hubby & I made a trip to Joanns the other day. I was so excited! Just seeing there was a 99 cent sale for McCalls patterns made my day. I tried to hurry (for hubby's sake) but still found some cute patterns to make later.

Luckily hubby got something out of the trip too. He has been asking me to make him a robe for awhile now, but I wanted him to pick out the fabric. With yard requirements finally in hand, we made several circles through the store. He narrowed the choices down, and after much debate, decided on some blue checkered flannel. I hope he likes it when it's done!

Here's a picture from the McCalls pattern website of the pattern I'll be using, it's: Easy McCalls M8524 Easy McCalls M8524

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