Thursday, April 7, 2011

Knitting needles: Set 1 (baby blanket)

Here's what I have currently on 1 set of knitting needles: (I like to have multiple projects going at once)

After crocheting this beast of a blanket, I decided I wanted to make another blanket... but one that took much less time and was much smaller. That is when I bought some yarn and started knitting a baby blanket pattern.

I used a pattern from Bernat yarn that comes on the package. It was supposed to be easy, but man, did I have troubles getting this thing started!

I'm pretty sure that the pattern tells you to cast on the wrong number of stitches. By the time I figured out a multiple of stitches that would complete the pattern, I had already started, torn apart, and restarted this pattern 7 or 8 times. (that's A LOT of wasted stitches, and it was pretty frustrating)

But, I kept on re-starting this pattern because I thought it was really cute. Plus, I knew if I didn't make this specific pattern, the yarn would sit in my craft cupboard untouched, forever.

Once I figured out the multiple of stitches needed for this pattern to work, it all clicked. Whew. I used stitch markers at the end of each cycle of the pattern to double check my work and now things are going well!

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