Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easy McCalls M8524 (Men's robe)

Here's a look at the completed Men's robe I made for Hubby. The pattern I used was Easy McCalls M8524, view A. My previous post has a picture from the pattern envelope of M8524 view A

(I asked Hubby if he'd model his new robe. He said yes, but insisted on holding a coffee mug :) )

This pattern was a very easy sew and didn't take too long to make. The only thing that took much time was cutting the fabric, since I had to make sure the checkered pattern would match up correctly at all the seams (or as many as possible). I straight stitched and zig-zagged all the seams.

Since I cut all of the fabric on the grain, the accents (edging and pockets) all blend in with the print. I'm a little curious what it would have looked like had I cut those on the bias, but that would have taken way too much extra fabric (that we didn't have).

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