Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Middle stages of Butterick B5335 jacket (View A)

The Butterick jacket I'm working on is taking better shape now as is two thirds of the way done. Now it looks a bit less "institutional", which is good, but it's crazy billowy! I'm curious to see how it will actually turn out...

Click to see my post on the early stages of Butterick B5335 jacket

Most reviews I've read on this pattern (B5335 View A) said they shortened the belt (on the back of the jacket) by a couple of inches. I tried sewing it as the pattern called for, but ultimately shortened mine by about 4 inches. This gives the back more definition, though it appears somewhat bunchy. I was debating about putting darts in, but that doesn't seem like it goes with the feel of the jacket. Maybe though... we'll see.

And for the pictures:

B5335 View A front
The front of the jacket at the stage right before the lining is sewn in

B5335 View A back

The back of the jacket at the stage right before the lining is sewn in

The lining, almost ready to be sewn into the jacket

I had to take a picture of the lining spread out before sewing it to the jacket. Of course, literally 2 seconds after I throw the lining on the ground my cat (who was sleeping, mind you) noticed and had to try to run and lay on it. Gotta love it :)

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