Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Princess Diana exhibit!

Hubby & I just got back from a mini vacation in Kansas City. Why Kansas City? Because of the Princess Diana exhibit they currently have at Union Station. (OK we also did other things Hubby was interested in too ie went to a theme park that I got miserably sick at).

The Princess Diana exhibit was amazing. They showed items from her childhood and throughout her life. The item there that drew the most attention though... her Wedding gown! With the full 25 foot train laid out behind it. When I heard her gown was on display in the U.S. I knew I had to see it. It was stunning. There were also many (18 or so?) of her other dresses on display that were famously known and absolutely beautiful.

I've always loved Princess Diana and would absolutely recommend checking out this exhibit if you do too.

Unfortunately we could not take pictures inside the exhibit. But, we did get one in the hallway before the exhibit started :)

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