Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flip Flop Failure

You know those flip flops with extra wide straps meant for decorating? Well, my little and I (big brothers big sisters) decided it would be a fun project for a rainy day to decorate some summery sandals.

We went to the store, picked out our flip flops and some "bling" aka strips of adhesive rhinestones specifically meant to decorate these flip flops.

It was simple to apply/decorate the sandals.... but after about 1 hour of wearing them (and trying to fix them over and over), here is what mine looked like:

Major bummer. I wonder how my Little's held up... probably about the same.

So, I'm thinking I have 3 options for these lovely flip flops
1) remove the rhinestones & decorate them with something else
2) remove the rhinestones & leave the flip flops plain
3) try gluing the rhinestones back on with another type of glue

I have quite a few plain flip flops so I'll probably try option 1 or 3 some time. (We had a box of "dancing shoes" aka flip flops at my wedding for people with sore feet... so there was no excuse not to dance! Apparently I over bought though, as there were lots of extras lol)


  1. A glue that dries flexible would be good... maybe a silicone-based adhesive from the home stores.

  2. Ah! Thanks! I wasn't sure what kind of glue I should be looking for, I'll have to pick some up :)


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