Friday, June 24, 2011

So what else?

Hubby is finally back to a semi normal work schedule, which means there's more time for us to work on projects around the house. We both really like yard/house projects and have been going full swing on them since his schedule change.

A couple of weeks ago we built a shelf to store our kayaks and installed pegboard to organize the garage and work bench areas.

This past week, we've been spending every moment possible (even through a lot of the rain) out in our yard sprucing it up. It's pretty overgrown so we're removing a large portion of it and minimizing.

If you're interested in reading about my non-sewing/non-crafty projects, check out my other blog So what else?

I'm pretty excited about my sewing projects in store right now. I bought fabric and ribbon to make a couple throw pillows for our spare room and am also planning on replacing the fabric on a set of very worn swivel patio chairs. Stay tuned!

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