Tuesday, June 28, 2011

7 steps to cheap and easy throw pillows

I just finished sewing some super simple (and cheap) throw pillows for our guest bedroom.

Here's how:
1) Cut 2 pieces of fabric in the shape of a rectangle a little larger than the size you want the pillow
2) Pin on and sew ribbon in place (on the right side of 1 piece of the fabric)

3) With right sides together sew along the perimeter of the rectangle with 1" seams

--Remember to leave a small opening while sewing the perimeter so the pillow can be flipped right side out and stuffed--

--Also if you round the corners a bit when sewing the 2 pieces together the corners will look nicer on the finished product. If you sew the corners at a 90 degree angle they usually end up really pointy--

(wrong sides of fabric shown above)

4) Clip at an angle near the corner seams (not too close to the stitches though!)

5) Zig-Zag stitch close to unfinished edges of fabric if it is likely to fray (again leaving the same opening to flip and stuff the pillow)

6) Flip pillow right side out and stuff it (I used stuffing from the couch cushion beagle destroyed)

7) Hand sew the hole used to flip/stuff the pillow shut

Here are the completed pillows on the bed comforter that they will go with.
(notice Gator at the bottom right of this picture... he sneaks into them all!)


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  2. Great job on the pillows! Thank you for linking up last week at Sew Woodsy! We hope you will join us tomorrow for another fun-filled party!

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