Friday, July 30, 2010

Cutting fabric

If there is one thing I wish I could avoid, it'd be cutting out fabric for patterns. But, somehow it wasn't too bad for the one I'm working on now. (Likely because I was taking study breaks, which probably made it seem like less of a chore)

Here is what's gone on so far with the coat making process:

Step 1 pick out pattern
Done: McCalls M5525

Step 2 pick out material
Done: Navy Gabardine, navy lining, sew-in interfacing (I wanted a contrasting lining, but the selection was not so great, so navy it is)

Step 3 cut out pattern
Done: For some reason I cut this pattern out when I first bought it... three months ago. Weird, I never do that in case I don't make the pattern. I guess I knew I'd try it?

Step 4 cut out fabric

cut out fabric

Next, on to the sewing...

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