Wednesday, July 14, 2010

that big patterned top...

I started making this shirt a couple of weeks ago but set it aside due to homework and wedding planning. Tonight I got around to doing the finishing touches ie finishing the arm holes and hem. I also took the sides in about 2" on each side to make it a little more narrow. The fabric was from JoAnns which I got awhile ago on a clearance. This shirt was made from McCalls pattern M5388.

The shirt I made was C (top right) but without the ruffles, which is also the same as D (top left) but without the sleeves.

This was a pretty quick and simple sew. I wish it wasn't so big on me, but I think some of that is the style of the shirt, which I'm not used to. Also, since the fabric has minimal stretch and no zippers, the larger style makes it easier to wear. I may try this pattern again, either the same one, or shirt B (bottom left) and make it a little smaller.

patterned McCalls M5388 top front

It's hard to see but below the smooth neck area of the shirt, there is a slight gathering of the fabric towards the center.

patterned McCalls M5388 top back

The back doesn't have anything fancy going on. It's a simple panel.

Take a look into the future at another McCalls M5388 top.

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