Tuesday, July 13, 2010

smaller curtains

This project was done a long time ago, but I never blogged about it. My fiance and I happened upon a "buy one get one" sale for curtains at Lowe's. Therefore since the sale was over that day, we bought what we liked, without having measurements of our windows. Surprisingly, the curtains fit perfectly over our sliding door/window set, but we knew we'd have to make one panel much smaller for our roughly 36x36" window. This is a picture of the smaller window with the altered curtains.

curtains made smaller

(I added curtain weights to the left half of the curtain, but haven't gotten around to doing that on the right side yet)

My fiance was working the night shift for a three month stretch and was forced to sleep in the basement since too much sunlight was coming into the bedrooms. So, we bought blackout curtains, and put those as liners to the other curtains we'd hung. Unfortunately the blackout curtains weren't even close to the right size for our window/door so they had to be chopped and sewn quite a bit. Luckily they're hidden by the outer curtain panels.

Anyways, the blackout curtains work quite well. So well, that it makes me want to get some for the guest bedrooms too. Those rooms are insanely bright, which isn't fun if you're trying to sleep past 6am. Hopefully curtains in general for those rooms will be one of the next projects.

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