Thursday, July 29, 2010

mission: first coat

At the top of my "to make" stash of patterns is McCalls pattern for jackets/coats M5525 . (The pictures in this post are all from the McCall's website, click on the "M5525" below each picture and it will take you to their site)


I absolutely love all of these coats, but decided to try pattern "B" first.


I was hoping to get brown fabric, like the McCall's picture shows the coat in, but when picking out my fabric they did not have it. So, I got navy blue instead. I chose to use Gabardine, one of the suggested fabrics, and also had to pick up some lining and sew-in interfacing. The fabric store did not have fabrics with the same widths as the pattern called for (a couple inches shorter) which was only a problem when cutting the interfacing.

With all the supplies in hand, I can now start (or attempt...) to make my first coat. I'm not sure how this will go!

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