Friday, July 9, 2010

that strange looking lamb...

So it's been quite awhile since my last post... this is likely to happen again since I'm getting married in 50 days, and there's always a lot to be working on for that.

I have gotten some sewing in over the last month and a half but mostly miscellaneous crafts. My friend and I had a Twilight movie day (in preparation for the release of Eclipse) and we busted out our crocheting together for the first time in several months. It looks like our goal of a June finish date for our blankets was not so realistic. (to be fair though, our blankets are 2 to 3 times the size of a normal pattern... so maybe by December or next June? I hope we're done before that)

My Mom and I caught a few pattern sales recently, so I continue to stock up on them and have slowly been trying them out. One pattern now in my collection is the Simplicity 2921 which is for little stuffed animals: a horse/unicorn, elephant, and lamb. I thought the lamb was cute, so I tried it out first. It didn't turn out as cute as the pattern shows, because I think I missed a dart when sewing the face or something. The picture on the pattern looks like there should be more dimension there. I was also surprised at how small the lamb is, although there was not a scale to compare on the pattern picture, I just assumed it was a normal sized animal. It's just slightly bigger than a beanie baby.

lamb stuffed animal front

This pattern was kind of fun and didn't take much fabric, so I may have to try it again. Maybe the next one will turn out more like it should?

lamb stuffed animal side

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