Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween ghost how-to

How to make a ghost out of cloth:


Scrap white fabric cut roughly into a square (mine was probably 6"x6")
Mod Podge
foam brush
cup (to mix mod podge & water in)
a little bit of water

First, mix mod podge and a little bit of water into a cup (the water just helps make it easier to spread)

Next, drape the fabric over something so the center (or ghosts head) is in the middle. I used the container of mod podge as the form.

Then, use the foam brush to paint the mod podge solution onto the fabric, making sure to get the areas between the wrinkles as well.

Allow it to dry, and use puffy paint to make eyes on it.

Then, use thread to string a loop on the top of the ghost so it can hang somewhere as decoration.

* I used too much water the first time I painted the mod podge solution on, so I used less water and did a second coat, making the ghost much stiffer and giving it better form. *

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