Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last minute halloween costumes part II more pirate mix-n-match

Once upon a time, I was a "craft helper" for a week long children's program that had a pirate theme. To make it more festive for the kids, I dressed as a pirate every day.

Of course this pirate themed week was nowhere close to Halloween and I didn't have much notice of the theme, so I was in need of a bunch of pirate things, and I needed them fast!

To make it through the week I made 3 skirts, 1 vest, and a few different sashes. Using different tops I already had in my closet, and switching which pieces I wore together, I think it worked out.

Here are a couple more pieces that can be used for a pirates costume.

To have a variety of looks the skirts were all different:1) black cotton fabric, slightly past the knees Click here to see that pirate skirt

2) brown polyester, shorter skirt. Instead of cutting notches on the bottom of the skirt, I just left the selvaged edge the way it was... which had little clumps of thread every half inch or so.

3) striped fabric, shorter skirt. This one, like the black skirt has triangles cut from the bottom.

The Sashes:1) gray/black striped, more mesh like looking fabric, raw edges
2) red/green striped, cotton, sewn and pressed
3) plain red, not sewn
4) hemp, knotted sash with medallions

Just switching the sash worn over a skirt made the outfit look much different. With a few interchangeable pieces, you can tweak the look and make multiple different outfits. This is great if you have a couple different Halloween parties to go to, but don't want to wear the EXACT same costume.

These skirts and sashes were incredibly fast to sew, very simple, and very cheap.

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