Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lion Paws

The lion paws for hubby's Halloween costume screamed "mittens" so I cut fabric pieces to sew onto them to look more like the bottom of a paw. Hopefully they will now scream "animal feet looking mittens" But, we'll see :)

I cut brown scrap fabric into shapes that resembled the bottom of a paw, and used fray check around the edges since they were hand stitched directly on without turning the fabric under. There was much debate on the number of pad cushions and placement of them, but since it's hubby's costume, I let him decide. After the decision was final, I sewed the little pieces onto the mittens, and before they were fully sewn on, stuffed them with cotton to give them a "pad" look. (This would have looked a lot nicer had I sewn them on before finishing the mittens, but I didn't think of it until the mittens were done, and didn't want to rip them apart)

Finally, to complete the paw mittens... I had to add a little puffy paint around the perimeter of the pad cushions. I may have a slight addiction to puffy paint, and find any excuse to use it.

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  1. Love how your halloween costumes are coming on. Great idea!


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