Sunday, October 3, 2010

On the look out for red Dorothy shoes

Hubby & I finally got to the fabric store and picked out patterns and fabric for our Halloween costumes. Assuming I get them made in time, we are going to be Dorothy & the Lion from the Wizard of Oz. I kind of want to make our dog a tin-man costume, and hubby agreed that might be ok, but we'll see what happens there :) (he strongly opposes our dog having a wardrobe)

McCall's Costumes M4948 Dorothy

McCall's Costumes M6106 Lion

I'm keeping an eye out for red Dorothy shoes, since that is pretty much key for her character. I've seen them in the past (and almost bought them) but if anyone has seen some similar shoes that are inexpensive around this year, let me know where. Otherwise, I'll probably end up making fabric shoe covers or something.

costume fabric

We couldn't find long fake fur fabric for the lion mane, so instead we bought two 6' long boas in a brownish color (pictured above) which will hopefully look ok instead. I think that will have to be hand sewn onto some fabric so the "hood" area of the lion costume will likely not follow the pattern. The fabric for the lions body is fleece, which should be nice and warm.

The sewing machine I'm borrowing is being tuned-up right now, so I won't be sewing until next week. But, cutting patterns and fabric (along with studying for my huge exam next month) should keep me busy enough :)

*** Take a look into the future... Dorothy's ruby red shoes! ***

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