Sunday, October 24, 2010

Completed coat!

My first coat is finally finished! It shouldn't have taken so long, but there were other things with more pressing deadlines.

I used McCalls M5525 pattern, style "B" and absolutely loved the pattern. It was easy to follow (with one exception discussed later), and there are several cute options to make. I'm already imagining the next coat/jacket I'm going to sew with this pattern... however, I do have a Simplicity coat pattern that I may try first.

In case you missed it and are interested, here are links to posts about the earlier stages of this project:
picking the pattern
finding the fabric
starting to sew
back panel & early stages of the infamous vent
lastly, the lining

Here, the lovely Ingrid (dress form) models the coat:
McCalls M5525 style B, front (looks like some of those buttons might to need adjusting... I'll have to see)

Here's the (blurry) back view, on me:
McCalls M5525 style B, back

I must admit, I had some issue with the coat lining... which, luckily is hidden. While sewing in the lining, I had a lot of trouble figuring out the vent, but after re-reading the pattern several times, thought I had it under control.

That was not the case. I think I either cut the lining on the wrong side, or sewed it inside out which caused some troubles. More than likely, this problem was not with the pattern, but with me. I have a habit of sewing things into the wee hours of the night, when I'm not thinking as clearly :)


  1. Wow, CUTE! Congrats on finishing your coat; I hope it is warm and comfy and loved. It looks great!

  2. Thanks! I was pretty excited to finally get it done.


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