Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Attempt to fix bleach spots on shirt: part I

Normally I don't get too bothered by a stubborn stain, or bleach spot that ruins a shirt (or other clothing). I generally make the stained or bleached item into something else, use it as a "dirty work" shirt/pants/whatever, or retire it.

However, I got a shirt as a souvenir on my honeymoon, and only wore it one time before bleach spots tried to end its existence.  I was really disappointed, and couldn't bring myself to part with the shirt, or make it into something else, so I'm trying my best to do something to preserve it.  (I usually don't use bleach in the laundry, for this very reason.... but I figured "just this one time")

This is what happened to my shirt:

Oh, that's not soooooo bad..... but, it gets worse, check out the back of the shirt:

So, in an attempt to fix this shirt and "rid it of bleach spots" I am trying a multiple step undying, redying process.

First, I used 1 pack of Rit Color Remover and followed the directions carefully.  I went the stove top route and now have a big pot (don't worry, it was an old one!) and long wooden spoon dedicated to fabric dying projects in the future.

**This shirt does not have a listing of fabric content... and I've heard many people complain about not having success with the color remover, or fabric dying process, so whatever happens good or bad to my shirt might not be what would happen in another situation.**

This is what my shirt looked like after 10 minutes on the stove (the package stated you should do this process from anywhere between 10-30 minutes)  There are a couple of decals on the shirt I didn't want to risk being removed with the dye, so I chose to error on the low end of the dye removal time and stopped at this time. 

Next, I rinsed the shirt and put it in the washer. 

The main point of this process was to even out the colors, so when I attempt to redye the fabric, it should be an even color, without the bleach spot areas being lighter than the rest.
Up next: trying to redye it.  I chose the Olive Green Rit dye, since I think (short of mixing dye colors) it would be the closest match to the original color of the shirt.

Click here to check out step II of my attempt to fix bleach spots

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