Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tutorial - taking chair apart to reupholster pt 2

In the first post about reupholstering chairs I showed the seat portion completely dissected. Now, lets take a look at the back rest of the chair:

Here's the underside of the chairs back rest. As you can see, nail removal is not even close to complete!

Ah, the fabric on the back of the chair was beautifully hand stitched on, covering many more nails :)

Here we see the panels of the fabric (which hopefully I can duplicate) and where the buttons are attached.

Almost got it, except the tack strips (which were the easiest part to remove)

Fabric removal = DONE (well, on one chair that is, hubby still has some left on his chair :) )

Next step: Measuring the panels of fabric that were removed, and picking out new fabric!

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