Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New fabrics!

Hubby and I made a trip to Jo-Ann's, and had some success! (after striking out in our town... we went to a cute little sewing store, but it turned out to just be a repair place, they didn't sell supplies)

These probably will not be used together. Hubby picked out the red material on the left, so I'll probably make something for him out of it. I picked out the fabric on the right. It's kind of "loud" but I like it. I planned on getting 2 yards and had the option to buy the rest of the bolt for 50% off... I'm always a sucker for that and 9 times out of 10 will get the extra fabric. (especially if I don't have a pattern picked out) Right now I'm picturing a tube dress and possibly a shirt out of this material.

Hubby spotted this gem. We debated on whether or not to get it, but decided it would make cute curtains so we ended up getting 2 yards. (the white fabric is a remnant I plan on using to line the curtains)

I really like this material. It has a slight texture and looks like it would drape nicely. I'm thinking either a dressy top, or a dress with this fabric.

I was so excited about all of the fabric we found that I forgot to see what types they were... or washing instructions, oops! But, I wash all of my fabrics before using them, and they all washed up nicely. (this time!)

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