Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tutorial - taking chair apart to reupholster pt 1

About a year ago, my Grandparents offered these beautiful, old chairs to me since I had recently purchased a house and didn't have anywhere to sit! They suggested that I either have them reupholstered, or have a go at it myself because the fabric on the chairs was worn and a little dirty (I thought they looked great). I'm finally getting a chance to work on them, and am really excited! (oh, and I've never done this before, so things may get interesting...)

I don't know how many yards of fabric I'll need, so I'm removing the old stuff first to make measurements. Then it's time to pick out fabric. Thanks to the beagle destroying one of our couch cushions in the room the chairs will be in, I have a nice, large fabric swatch to match to new fabric. (Beagle is banned from the living room now, so the couch, and chairs can rest easy)

Here we go:

This comfy, goldenrod chair was actually reupholstered by my Grandparents back in the day (not sure when) So they did give me some tips :)

Here's the duo, before

This is what the bottoms of the chairs look like

Separated into the seat and backrest

There were TONS of nails holding the fabric on, and by tons, I mean the cushion portion of the chair I worked on had approximately 220 little nails, and a couple dozen staples.

I thought this was really neat: you can see an old nail with a few strands of red fabric on it. It makes me believe the chair was red before my Grandparents reupholstered it. (I wonder if it was a solid color or patterned?)

I thought that little nail and extra strands of fabric was so neat, I purposely left a nail in nearby with a few strands of the yellow fabric I was removing. Maybe it will be a surprise for the next person :)

The cushion fabric removed from the wood, then there was burlap and padding above the springs.

This was written on the curved part of the frame of the seat, I thought it was cool. I'm not sure what it says though.

Here's the cleaned off seat frame of the first chair

I started removing the fabric from the back rest but didn't finish it, hopefully that will be done soon! Hubby is simultaneously working on the other chair.

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