Saturday, January 25, 2014

Crocheted slippers: Complete!

I am SO happy to have knitting and crocheting supplies with me at school.  I've been going through my yarn quicker than I thought I would though.  I'm not sure if/where you can get things like yarn here, so fortunately one of my classmates is in the States this weekend & she's bringing me back some!  Classwork will be getting crazier with each passing day, so who knows if my craft time will continue... but hopefully!  It's how I unwind :)
Crocheted ballet style slippers
Here are my completed crocheted slippers!  They are pretty nice to wear during lectures in our cold classrooms :)  I told hubby I made myself some slippers, his response?  "Are you making me some next?"  How cute :)  I had no idea he'd want a pair.  Obviously his won't be Mary Jane or ballet slipper style, I'll have to find a more manly pattern.
Update: Check out hubby's crocheted slippers!

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  1. The slippers are darling! I look forward to seeing the ones you make your husband.


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